Facilitating B2B Trade

BBX is a global business-to-business (B2B) trading platform that facilitates the exchange of goods and services among businesses. Utilising a digital credit system known as BBX Digital Trade Credits (DTC), members can buy and sell products within a vast network, enhancing trade opportunities and fostering business growth.

Businesses earn DTC for the value of goods and services they provide to the platform. The DTC revenue can be used to acquire what they need without spending money, while also reducing excess inventory and improving cash flow.

Connecting You To New Customers

BBX opens the door to a market of more than 6000 buyers across the globe.

Unlocking Value from Spare Capacity

BBX offers an alternative way for businesses to turn unsold time, inventory and capacity into full value.

Improving Business Cash Flow

Free up your cash by using your DTC revenue to pay for some of your business expenses.

Access to Credit

Utilise your BBX credit-line to grow your business, and pay it back with your goods and services. 

Are you ready to give your business a BBX boost?

1. Schedule a Call with Us

Book a quick discovery call so we can know more about your business and see how we can work together.

2. Trade Matching

We will match you with businesses within the BBX community to offset your cash expenses and boost your bottom line.

3. Grow your Business

Sell your products and services on the BBX platform or use the BBX credit-line to expand your business.