BBX is suitable for all types of businesses

Businesses rarely operate at full capacity. They may have spare capacity in the form of physical assets like machinery, equipment, and facilities, as well as human resources like employees with available time and skills that are not being fully utilized. However, many businesses are not aware of or do not leverage their spare capacity effectively, resulting in wasted potential and inefficiency.

How BBX helps a Restaurant

The Challenges

Restaurants have pockets of underutilised potential, like empty seats during off-peak times or unused catering and private party room capacity.

The Solution

Transform your slow periods into valuable assets. Trade your underutilised capacity for Digital Trade Credits and use it to offset your cash expenses.

How BBX helps a Media business

The Challenges

Unlike physical goods, ad space cannot be stored or saved for later use. If it is not sold by a certain deadline, it becomes worthless and generates no revenue. This puts pressure on media owners to find buyers quickly and efficiently.

The Solution

Don't let your unsold ad inventory go to waste. BBX not only offers you an easy and secure way to 'clear' your media inventory, but it can be also used as a financing tool to acquire new customers.


How BBX helps Retailers

The Challenges

Overstocking is a common problem faced by retailers, especially in the fast-changing and competitive market. It can lead to wasted inventory, increased storage costs, reduced cash flow, and lower profits. 

The Solution

Instead of discounting or writing off your surplus inventory, speak to a BBX Trading Manager, who can help you promote your unsold inventory to other businesses at retail value.

Are you ready to give your business a BBX boost?

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2. Trade Matching

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3. Grow your Business

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